Wall Universe GmbH

Ulmen, Germany

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Business Years


Since it was founded in 2018, Wall Universe GmbH has developed into a leading international distributor of consumer electronics, mobile communications technology and IT components. The company was founded by the Wall brothers, who have successfully managed other companies since 2007 (and still do so today), made international contacts here... View more

Contact & Address

  • Landline:+4926769599010
  • info@wall-universe.de
  • Address: Marktstraße 8,, 56766 Ulmen
  • VAT/TAX ID:DE319238283
  • URL:www.wall-universe.de

Business Model(s)

Local Wholesaler

Global Wholesaler (importer/exporter)

Online Retailer


Mobile Phones, Gaming Products, IT Products, Home Appliances

Conditions: New


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