Who We Are

Kadorf is an international online based community which provides to all distributional channels various services and tools that are involved in daily business activities and helps reach to new partners, enhance performance, and adapt to the fast changing wholesale industry.

Why Kadorf

Among many social networks and business platforms, Kadorf mainly focuses on real wholesale needs and aims to develop every single wholesale channel into a smart-connected channel

Mission and Values

  • Collaborate with companies and corporations to build a verified community
  • With a data-driven team to fulfill the networking requirements of electronics distribution channels
  • Increase business quality and save wholesalers time by continuously developing and adding more of Kadorf time-saving tools

Non-Kadorf Member vs Kadorf Member

Non-Kadorf Member Kadorf Member
Endless contact sorting issues All contacts are automatically up to date
Almost impossible to reach daily all existing clients Maximum reach with minimum efforts
Barely aware of surrounding market news Full awareness of surrounding market news