Yerevan, Armenia

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Eldorado is the largest network of retailers of home appliances, electronics and home appliances in the world. The company's geography covers more than 400 cities and more than 600 stores across the globe. Eldorado is actively developing the international franchise in a number of countries - Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia... View more

Contact & Address

  • Landline:+37411800000
  • vazgen@eldorado.am
  • Address: Yerevan
  • URL:www.eldorado.am

Business Model(s)

Local Wholesaler

Global Wholesaler (importer/exporter)


Retail Shop/Independent Retailer

Retail Chain/Organized Retailer

Online Retailer


Mobile Phones, Gaming Products, IT Products, Home Appliances

Conditions: New, Used, Refurbished, Active


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