Kadorf Wholesale Best Practices

Published at: 2022-09-28

The wholesale industry in consumer electronics is a vulnerable environment to fraudulent acts. The security and safety of Kadorf members is paramount to us. Please review our Community Verification Criteria and go through these best practices when conducting business with new partners.


Ask for references: references are normally well known companies that have a recent successful deal with your new potential business partner. This helps you understand the reputation and reliability of new connections.


Ensure transactions via credit insurance companies: it is recommended to use credit insurance companies such as Euler Hermes, Atradius or Coface to limit any potential risks.


Ship to a trustworthy logistics partner: whether your company operates on a global or a domestic scale, we strongly suggest to our members to use only well known and reputable logistics for any transactions. 


Kadorf Tip: If you are expanding to new territories, reach out to our experienced account managers and get logistics recommendations!


Ship on hold: where possible, we recommend members to conduct transactions on this basis ensuring that any risks are reduced to the minimum. Release the goods only when full payment is received.


Ensure no back hold: prior to a full payment, talk to your logistics service provider and check if there is another third party holding the goods back from release. Such cases happen when your supplier buys the goods from another supplier while the payment between them is not fully settled. A scenario to carefully deal with or to avoid.


Do inspection: if you would like to work with new business partners, it is very important to inspect the items prior to a full payment. This reduces risks against unlimited scenarios.


Conduct 10/90 payment method: it is optimal to get paid in full before shipping your goods. But a 100% upfront would not sound the safest when it comes to your new business partners. The 10/90 model through the 10% deposit ensures the reliability of the buyer, covers any potential damages and protects against price fluctuation. 


Create a clear written agreement: we recommend suppliers to state the ETA and item specifications clearly on their invoices and have them signed and stamped back as a solid confirmation. However if this is not the case, consider issuing a Purchase Order (PO) in order to mention the desired details (i.e. UK specs or 3 pin charger) and have your PO signed and stamped by your supplier. This time investment helps identify issues earlier and clear up any potential misunderstanding.


Kadorf Tip: In a hurry or no PC around? Generate these PI and PO PDF’s right from your Kadorf account > Invoice Generator. Try this today


Create and get delivery orders signed: delivery orders usually work as an official proof that the goods have arrived at and received by the consignee. 


Have a safe business!